Inequality and Agrarian Crisis

On occasion of the 3rd International Documentary and Short Film Festival by Tamilnadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association in collaboration with Pondicherry University and Films Division, Mumbai, Mr. P. Sainath, rural affairs editor, The Hindu was invited to speak about the prevailing agrarian crisis in India. Nero’s Guest, a documentary by Deepa Bhatia featuring P.Sainath was screened at the festival. The film delves into the issue of farmer suicides in India and its major causes. A video report of P.Sainath’s interaction with the audience after the screening is presented below.

Camera: Habeeb Rahman YP

Sound: Anwesa Sarkar, Swathy Karthik and Tathagata Mitra

Editing: Habeeb Rahman YP

 A report about his earlier visit to Pondicherry University can be found here

P.Sainath’s speech at PU on farmer suicides

P.Sainath’s take on farmer suicides

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