Weaving a story

Alappuzha is known for its greenery, backwaters and the paddy fields. Agriculture is the main source of economy people here. It is the smallest district of Kerala and there are only a few large scale industries and private companies. One of the prides of Alappuzha was a spinning mill called Kerala Spinners. The mill was inaugurated in 1962 by Central Minister K.V Malavika. The mill was successful for quite some time before it was overtaken by a private management called Utham group. The new management exploited the resources of the mill and the workers protested against them. The management prohibited the employees from protesting and also cut down on their incentives and salaries.

In 2003 the factory was closed. A lot of people lost their jobs and suffered heavily due to this. This is their tragic tale. A tale of the labourers who lost their jobs. A tale of a fight to win justice.

Research and Concept: Swathy Karthik

Camera: Habeeb Rahman YP

Archives: Indiavision TV

Editing: Habeeb Rahman YP and Swathy Karthik


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