Inside the Boat Factory in Cuddalore

Raads marine is an international marine business group. A fibreglass boat manufacturing unit of Raads is located in Kammiyampettai, Cuddalore.    

Basically, the boat manufacturing is a three-stage process. Pattern making, Mould Making and Manufacturing. Majority of the work here is done by manpower. They rarely depend on machines & electrical tools. 

Around 30 people work here, out of which ten are permanent and the remaining 20 are on contract. Most of the workers are uneducated young natives of Cuddalore. Raads marine only undertakes government projects. The manufacturing unit of Cuddalore is managed by Maria Selvakumar, Project manager and Jayakumar, Naval Architect.  

On average they build 10 – 20 Police/Patrol boats (5m – 15m range) and 15 – 20 luxury passenger boats in a year. The governments of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar are the main customers. Raads marine is an IRS (Indian Register of Shipping) certified company and each stage of the production will be verified and certified by the IRS team. 

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