Narikuravas – The Gypsy Tribe

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The Narikuravas are an indigenous tribe who have hunting as their main means of livelihood. They are settled in Manavely. To this day, they still follow their tradition of hunting. Although hunting is mostly banned today, these people still hunt crows and wild cats for meat; not for sport, but for the sole purpose of living.

Ranking in one of the lowest levels of the social food chain, the Narikuravas still suffer from poverty, illiteracy, diseases and discrimination. Photographer Yannick Cormier who has documented this tribal community had earlier elaborated to The Inquirer about their state of livelihood. (See more…)

There are many NGOs who work for the betterment of the Narikuravas and they have joined hands with the government to give them pucca houses. The Kuravarpet also has a government school to educate the children. The books, uniform and meals are free of cost but the children don’t come to study and among the ones who do, the girls drop out after eighth grade.

While the other lower castes suffer from discrimination themselves, they inflict the same on the Narikuravas, whom the world deem the ‘criminal’ community.

Photos: Balaji

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