Sweeping Beauty

Rathiya, 45 years old. Working as a sweeper in Saraswati hostel, Pondicherry University. She started to work as a sweeper when her husband, Punyamurthi passed away, after that she had to manage the house and look after her daughter, Visha, who is studying in 12th standard. Her sole dream is to make Visha happy. it’s been 7 years she is working at the university and before coming to Saraswati hostel she was in Ganga hostel where she had 3 more friends, now she feels lonely working after the students go to the college. She comes to the hostel in the morning at 7:30 and starts her work. And works like a superfast express and cleans everywhere in the hostel before the students leave the hostel. 

Her wage is Rs 800 per day, she gets holidays every Sunday and all the government holidays in which her wages get cut off. This wage is not enough for her to fulfil her daughter’s dream of becoming a lawyer. She is forced to work as a sweeper because of her situation. She doesn’t want to make her daughter feel the absence of her father, and to give all the things which her daughter wish. She is a true example of how a woman could be happy even after having many problems, with the thought of one day everything will change.  

Raji is her best friend they both used to work together in Ganga hostel and now they got separated. Raji comes to Saraswati hostel to have food together all the time, that time they talk and enjoys the food together. She is a person who talks to everyone in the hostel, with the love she calls everyone ‘paapa’ which means baby in Tamil. And ask about their wellness and they had food or not if not she offers her food to them. She makes the students feel like a mother. Around 4 o’clock she leaves the hostel and goes back to her home. She loves to go back home together with her friends. They all go together having fun. Her home is in Pudhupettai, which is a little far away from Puducherry.  

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