Germany wins FIFA world cup

The FIFA world cup final of 2014, the biggest match of football in four years, was speculated to be about Lionel Messi vs team Germany. In the end, the best team in the world was too much for the best player of the world. Mario Gotze scored the only goal of the match in the 114th minute in extra time. The Argentineans kept trying for the remaining 7 minutes, but they were desperate and dejected.

Germany held possession for a long period at the start of the first half. But they could hardly do much with their possession as Argentina outplayed them in making chances and playing attacking football. Gonzalo Higuian was almost lucky to receive the ball at an advantageous position from a mistake by the German defenders. But he swung the ball left of the post.Germany-win-Fifa-World-Cup

A few minutes later though, Higuian rectified his mistake when he netted a cross past Manuel Neur and looked overwhelmed in celebration, as did the thousands of Argentinian fans in the stadium. Only, the off-side flag was up. Germany’s best chances in the first hour of the final came when Benedikt Howedes hit the bar with his header from a corner. The best thing that Germany had done in the first half was keeping possession, when Messi & Co. expended their full energy in creating chances.

In the next half an hour, the flow of play changed. The German plan of not panicking and keeping up to their job worked well as the Argentinian level clearly went down. However 90 minutes of play was not enough to see a goal on either side and for the third time in succession, the world cup final went into extra time.

Topping all the chances that Argentina had so far created, Andre Schurle ran up to the left side of the pitch and crossed the ball to Mario Gotze in the middle. Gotze took the ball beautifully on his chest, and swung his left foot to send the ball into the net on the other side. Sergio Romero had no chance.

For the next seven or eight minutes, all the Germans did was pass the ball around. Even then Argentina could do nothing. The look on their faces said they had lost.

Being the most consistent team in the last decade, a victory in world cup final was coming for Germany. They had been runner-up in 2002, third place in 2006 and 2010, runner-up in Euro 2008 and semi finalist two years ago. Being the first European champion in an American continent is probably their most satisfying achievement when they won this cup for the fourth time; the first time as unified Germany.

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